Sunday, October 23, 2022

Hostile Domain takeovers are common so protect your .coms with 2 step if you use a domain provider like godaddy hackers can totally wipe you from the internet if they get ahold of your info at your registrar even if you own one or 30 0r 10,000 always even tho its a pain back up ur acct with 2factor

The way I found out was is I saw a job ad on a gig site for a white hat hacker to recover a domain that was taken criminally from them via a domain acct that was not und3r two step or two factor id and there is no recourse its kind of an international asset no actual court can really intervene like who are you going to call? interpol if somebody from somalia overtakes ur domain hostile and goes from a high finance site to large women farting porn from china or russia its like wtf lol