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Canadian Researcher Proves 'Unimaginable Conspiracy' :: Wire Service Media

Canadian Researcher Proves 'Unimaginable Conspiracy' :: Wire Service Media

A genetics researcher from Canada continues to alert the public to a shocking scandal involving so-called "Hollywood Breeding Circles", as well as a system of encoding celebrity names and birth dates so that key insiders, including agents, writers, managers, casting directors, and producers, are all aware of the identity of a celebrity's secret parents, and in order to plan for "royal breeding" to take place in conjunction with filming.

Although the controversial researcher, Susan Maureen Brandt, realizes ordinary citizens will be "disbelieving to the point of denial" with regards to the proof she's unearthed that ancient royal bloodlines rule Hollywood, with new secret infants produced each week through a complicated organization of secret celebrity parents, she calls her work over the past year "the discovery of a career" and won't stop looking for a way to get the public's attention and open-minded consideration that it may just be true.

When she began looking into conspiracy claims that Jesus was based on Julius Caesar's son with Cleopatra, named Caesarian, Brandt was expecting to find solid evidence of the commonly accepted historical accounts. Instead, she found that the normal history books seemed to be implying that there was indeed more to the story. Curious if looking to portraits and contemporary descriptions of the people involved could reveal clear family resemblances through letting her build up a genetic profile of dominant and recessive facial features, Brandt got far more proof of their connection than she'd bargained on.

"It turns out that this is the worst kept secret in the world, this story about Caesar and Cleopatra having a genetic connection to a real person who became a fictional model for Jesus." Studying a wide variety of ancient texts, word etymologies, archaeological evidence, pre-historic Mediterranean cultures, and symbolism in modern songs and literature, Brandt found a bizarrely coherent truth lying behind all these different disciplines: Atlantis, and the Caesar family's known connection to a group Brandt calls "The Atlantean Brotherhood".

"Just like the name says, this is a loyal collection of people who trace their genetic family tree back to a pre-ice age civilization on the Atlantic Ridge, a long chain of volcanic islands running down the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Due to a release in pressure after the glaciers melted off the continents around 10,000 BC, the whole thing gave way and crumbled into the Atlantic Ocean, causing sea levels to rise globally and, according to every ancient culture worldwide, setting off massive tsunamis, storms, volcanoes, earthquakes, and a period of debris-filled darkness."

Atlantis researchers have long speculated that if the island paradise did exist, the most likely citizens to survive such a huge geological catastrophe would have been those in boats at the time. "Hence, Noah's Ark, and the earlier Sumerian version of the tale, is really about a boat preserving enough human DNA, not animal pairs, for the Atlantean survivors to begin again somewhere else, breeding with each other, family members and close relatives, until their numbers were built up. The next decision, once they were safely hidden away in Mesopotamia, was to breed with a select few women from other races to give their future offspring a variety of racial appearances which could be used in combination with trickery, violence, and invented religions, as a method of land theft. The Atlanteans were apparently well-known for their 'Red Indian' appearance, having hailed originally from North America before making the Atlantic Ridge their 'Island of the Kings' or Poseidon, sometime before its climate changed to being much hotter around 40,000 years ago."

If that seems like a lot to absorb, it's the next part that Brandt knows most people won't be able to swallow. "Because the Atlantean civilization had been isolated, spoiled by an over-abundance of food, and surrounded by a wide border of ocean, the culture seems to have centered on planned breeding between family members, to maintain lines of power and self-proclaimed royalty, to unnaturally select for desirable 'victorious' and regal traits in future offspring, and as a practical 'culture' that would justify and therefore allow the group to keep living on a remote island. Therefore, incest bloodlines became the norm, and the small number of survivors naturally used incest to build up their numbers again."

At some point, says Brandt, the necessity of their "royal incest" gave way to continuing the practice throughout their new Mediterranean kingdoms out of cultural heritage and secret efforts to conquer ever-larger tracts of land. "Basically, the tail started wagging the dog. Incest breeding was too effective at producing predictable traits to give up. Humans are normally a messy blur of genes, as teenagers feel compelled to leave their families, wander off, and mate with strangers. This is how it should be, though the process creates a lot of stress for families, due to loss of parental control, having to deal with foreign in-laws with different customs and expectations, and possible loss of life AND loss of beloved family traits due to some genes being overpowered by others."

Brandt says what she's discovered going on in Hollywood is, sadly, just a natural extension of the unnatural choices that came out of a tempting island paradise the first Atlanteans couldn't refuse. "Over time, the natural abundance of foods there, such as fruit, seafood, and seabird eggs, both promoted brain health and yet allowed it to change without the normal checks and balances of scarcity and social politics of tribal resource sharing. They could eat all they want, think like crazy about ideas and symbols and relationships between ideas and symbols, and then, the nail in the coffin of their genetic health must have come when they started rewarding people for being anti-social enough to focus on complex math and language pursuits for long enough to produce impressive written results. If you make a math geek the king, and he gets to pass on his genes and maintain a bloodline for thousands of years to follow, you're going to produce an entire culture of anti-social, symbol-obsessed nerds. Throw in the increasing requirement of group participation in gory blood rituals and non-reproductive sex acts, and you end up with self-absorbed and vain warrior-vampire-gay-pedophile nerds. Sound familiar? It's everywhere in our modern culture, and at the heart of ALL modern conspiracy and corruption, because the Atlanteans spread like wildfire once they began breeding for different appearances, enabling them to walk into any foreign land and claim to be native gods, just similar-looking enough to fool the natives, but different enough to back their claims of divinity."

Brandt had no idea the secret Atlantean history, and how it played into the conspiracy and corruption within the Caesar family in Ancient Rome, were such modern concerns until she started noticing the plot of one of her favorite TV shows, The Mentalist, was mirroring the tales of the incestuous breeding, murder, and conniving politics within the Caesar family. "When it reached the point that I could watch a modern episode of a detective drama and learn enough about the Caesar-family politics to then go and google the historical version of the same events and find them in the public record, I started to realize that the modern world around me might not be so modern. When I read my kids a children's book and started to notice it was telling the tale of Atlantis in metaphor with illustrations that pushed the boundary of being sexually suggestive, I nearly cried. That's the hardest part. It's everywhere, in everything except pure, natural nature. The Atlanteans and the culture they chose to bring into the Mediterranean actually worked because they were the only ones trying to play other cultures, and willing to spend their time engaged in cloak and dagger tactics. So they won, without anyone else realizing there was a game being played. These aren't values of normal people, who want to feed their family, enjoy the rewards of their own hard work, and live happily in peace surrounded by family and friends. The island paradise successfully bred out those normal instincts, which didn't work in splendid isolation. And that's why the world is a mess."

The Hollywood Breeding Circles have known connections back to the Caesar family, the royal lines of King David, and therefore all the way back to that original boatload of Atlantean survivors. Brandt is certain they've held onto the paperwork to prove it. "And if it takes gossiping about the secret parents of Hollywood stars and successful politicians to get people to sit up and take notice of what modern civilization is really about as a post-Atlantis enslavement and taxation system, then I'll do it. I feel for the stars trapped into the whole disgusting mess, but all I'm doing is telling the truth. No one should have to live with the truth of their family as a huge, shameful secret. This clearly isn't about incest causing deformity, because these are beautiful, talented, charming, and normal humans involved. The public has been kept from figuring out the royal breeding involved with celebrity by keeping our heads filled with examples of incest as something the poor, backwards, desperate, and criminally insane do, and suffer from genetic degradation as a result. Meanwhile, we're worshiping people like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie as near-perfect specimens of the human race, and they're on a bloodline which has interbred a single family group for thousands of years!"

Brandt's discoveries of secret Hollywood breeding can be found on the blog of her website,  . Some of her recently revealed "secret bloodlines", in which actors and other entertainers have gotten their talents from, yes, extremely talented parents who look just like them, include:

- All published or otherwise promoted forms of literature, media, and entertainment include symbols and metaphors which honor and portray the secret Atlantean history behind the post-10,000 BC Mediterranean cultures, and the personal goings-on of the family of Julius Caesar, including his daughter Julia, who was written into history and religion as Cleopatra, the Virgin Mary, Mary Magdalene, Sophie, and other goddess-like characters, and Julia's son Lucius, who became known as Jesus, St. Paul, King Lud, Brutus, and the philosopher Lucian.

- All weekly television shows involving guest stars are a complex method of breeding actors with their own half-siblings and other close relatives. The CBS procedural The Mentalist, for example, focuses its breeding on a little-known, and deceased, character-actor named John Vernon. Vernon produced so many children through acting in tv shows and films, that now a show like the Mentalist can select many of its weekly guest stars from Vernon's secret offspring. By having his offspring conceive pregnancies together, it sets up a future population of actors who will be half-siblings, and will, presumably, populate television shows in the future. Simon Baker and John Vernon share a common ancestor in Hollywood film actress Irene Dunne, and Baker's wife is Vernon's child with Angie Dickinson. This creates the "breeding circle" effect, as each actor is related to a number of other actors who in turn are related to others who are related to the original actor. Simon Baker has already fathered at least two children who are currently successful child actors, one of which has been cast as his daughter in a film, Chloe Grace Moretz, due to her uncanny resemblance to him.

- Film actors and actresses have children as teenagers who they are then sometimes cast in films with when the children are grown. These parent-child sexual relationships leading to pregnancies have long been kept secret within royal families, but are easily detected due to resemblance, such as with Henry VIII and his daughters, Anne Boleyn and Mary Boleyn. A recent example is Demi Moore, the biological mother of her husband Ashton Kutcher, fathered by rocker Anthony Keidis. The two have already secretly produced twins, Aaron Kunitz and Griffin Kunitz, hidden with a reported miscarriage in 2005. Actor Maurice Chevalier acted with his own daughter, Leslie Caron, and the resulting child was actor Gary Oldman.

- Michael Jackson was the result of a secret bloodline uniting Middle Eastern royalty and black entertainers. His great-grandfather was Ibn Saud, the king and founder of Saudi Arabia, explaining why Jackson went to the Middle East to live during troubled times. Jackson's great-grandmother, impregnated by a 15-year-old Ibn Saud while on a tour of Europe, was renowed black opera singer, Matilda Sissieretta Joyner Jones. The child was black film star Evelyn Preer, who has a very Middle Eastern look for someone supposedly of African-American descent. Preer then had a child with handsome black film producer Oscar Micheaux, and the result was Nat King Cole, who in turn fathered Michael Jackson with actress Ruby Dee, who was also the mother of Diana Ross.

- Nicolas Cage is the son of Peter Sellers.

- Cindy Crawford is descended from Gary Cooper, and is married to her secret brother, Rande Gerber, as both are the children of Kirk Douglas and an actress named Senta Berger.

- Keanu Reeves is the son of Elvis Presley, while singer Sarah McLachlin is the daughter of Elvis Presley and his wife Priscilla Presley, switched at birth with the infant raised as Lisa Marie Presley, presumably the child of Elvis with another woman.

- Naomi Judd and Wynona Judd get their beauty from Naomi's secret mother, actress Myrna Loy. Elvis may be Wynona's father.

- Natalie Portman's secret mother was a teenaged Brooke Shields, who was made pregnant (or perhaps the conception was done through artificial means) by co-star Martin Hewitt, who also conceived a child with the actress playing the mother, Shirley Knight. This second child was raised as Hayden Christensen. Thus, when George Lucas was casting his fourth Star Wars film, itself a metaphor for the Caesar family saga including brother and sister near-lovers named Leia (after Julia) and Luke (after Lucius), he cast half-siblings as lovers who conceive twins.

- Princess Diana and Kate Middleton were both secretly conceived as very close relatives of the men they married, Prince Charles and his son Prince William. Kate has genetics from two movies stars, Empress Sisi, Bay Middleton, Winston Churchill, Edward VIII and Wallace Simpson, and was consequently raised by the Middleton family, while Diana's mother was the child of Queen Elizabeth's uncle, Prince George, Duke of Kent, and his wife Marina, a first cousin of Prince Philip, the Queen's husband. Diana herself was secretly fathered by Edward VIII, and raised as a relative of Churchill. Prince Charles' father was the result of his grandfather getting his own 16-year-old daughter pregnant, however the girl doesn't appear to have actually been related to her father, but instead was likely adopted or switched at birth to create a better-looking royal Greek line. William's lineage, because of Diana sharing great-grandfathers with Charles, is much more heavily weighed with genes from Queen Victoria's husband, Prince Albert, whom he resembles. Sarah Ferguson was possibly unable to conceive healthy children with her secret half-brother, Prince Andrew, leading to them raising the child of film actor John Cleese as their daughter Beatrice, and leading to Sarah being ostracized as an unsuccessful breeder. Their second daughter is the child of Andrew and his former love, Koo Stark, though Sarah may have indeed produced healthy children who are now being raised elsewhere as future mates for other royal children.

- Michelle Obama is the daughter of John F. Kennedy and Diahann Carroll.

- Barack Obama is the son of Haile Selassie and the Queen of Spain.

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