Monday, April 22, 2024

100% of the politicians celebrities and icons/influencers we hear about on a daily basis through popular culture are Satanic sex cult members?



 1) You become a secret society sex cult member at age 18, get handed millions of dollars, sell your soul for fame and riches and die a horrible death/ritual sacrifice at a young age....get initiated into their hell realms after you die was the rolls royce  by chauffeur really worth it

2) You walk the path that is all that is good and most high...making the right choices as you go not the ones that will elevate have a one in 8 billion chance at attaining success and riches, you will forever be guided and protected, you live a LONG long life with many challenges most likely attaining status in the very end 15 years of your life...survive off mr noodles? pretty much guaranteed the future choices related to your souls path after this place

Like, if you start manifesting TODAY - Will you keep at it knowing you will achieve everything you seek in 17 YEARS? or give up and stay within the pyramid structure and solar sun kult


She is a white hat (good) hacker !




 A) your soulmate is NON HUMAN (alien/animal/elemental/unknown entity)

B) your soulmate is marijuana aka 420 :) 

some of the people in your life are not there to be "liked" they are there for a reason....let them be


Less than 1% of Rich people are NOT secret society sex cult sellouts the other 99% of rich people ARE and less than 1% of poor people who are not interested in freemasons actually make it


Everyone is setting themselves on fire or yelling at each other !!! -> I am just smoking herb and feeding cats - eating pizza pops and toaster waffles nothing like super weird or anything