Sunday, October 23, 2022

domains are a fucken headache I own about 34 and find that to be my limit if you get a great deal to start and its all rosey and peaches until you go from paying $15 for first year to a fucken whopping $27 CAD per year after FOR EACH DOMAIN that they really suck you in and dont fucken go buy 2500 with a mini windfall you will find you will have to get rid of 2490 of them which would be depressing ahahaha you make a real commitment with domain investments but only take on what you can handle and yes its okay to start with ten really good ones

Get a trillion dollar profile today get stoned and type in 5000 domains for .coms into godaddy and populate a list of em to buy .coms are all going to be bought up soon it will be epic for those that hold .coms and .ca's then register for afternic and list your domain you bought for $15 for $47,000,000 all that is needed is a creative imagination for dreaming up one word and with a dash - combinations for your dream .coms think of weird combinations of words and dashes and the number 3 instead of E so study LEET (L33T) the elite hacker language in your linguistics and you will be fine -I find some are totally not taken which is reason enough for me to add them to my must buy list think of weird words, smelly words, sex smell words, pop cultere, w3irdness etc :)