Monday, September 12, 2022

CHOOSE ONE: 1) moar to love, thick boy, asexual, complex, totally bizarre, highly intelligent, will eventually have many, many millions. with the possibility of about the net worth of $1.8 BILLION in his 50's, and an introvert and great chef, rave musically oriented or #2) Built Muscle stud, does not know how to cook anything other than microwave dinners, not intelligent-other than work, socially an extrovert, sex addict, Masters in Architecture, cheater, loaded alpha top, eventually goes bankrupt then becomes a toxic abuser lol and moves to New york with his Corgis with a middle class income and does enjoy classical to a nauseating level

and yes I would date a handicapped or mentally crazy dude hahaha better than being with a toxic fuck
look for love in the weirdest places kitties not the most obvious....just not really into dwarves I guess lol not out of desperation but honestly I would rather date some broke chav with issues rather than a narcissist abuser that is loaded anyday but I am a rare cat