Monday, May 23, 2022

The obvious thing to go into is an assoc. or bachelors degree in graphic design but do I want to take on 25k-50k in debt? will I actually have the motivation to go into work everyday its totally whack and a lot of the skools are fucking lame they just bring all the students in like cattle and rip them off 40k and dont actually give you the tools you need to be a success I have read some incredibly horrible reviews about some of the skools that seemed ok I think I am better off struggling as an artist and not adding 50k to my 8k debt I will be happier at least I am not desperate I have my pension and such but I can see a lot of the peeps that take these courses could be mentally incapable of innerstanding graphics honestly I hate photoshop and its an industry standard a lot of these programs are preparing you for employability not creativity so there is that - I think my success will hail as a pop culture male artist its a lonely and freaky path but at least I dont have to pay $800-$1200 a month for absolutely nothing but servicing a student loan debt lol :) See I am incredibly talented in graphics but I am so niche that I cant really gain employment in the field I only work with a program via microsoft and absolutely hate the other programs like photoshop and gimp etc a lot of these students are coaxed in by slimeballs and are vulnerable because they want to be a success and end up working in fast food after they graduate to pay off the student loan, its a sad sad trap its super funny though looking at skool from my perspective with a masters and 6 doctorates I would make any admissions rep chuckle hahaha its just so bizarre to have a PhD that will go nowhere but at least mine was only $100 not $300k I would feel pretty bad getting the same Dr of philosophy in Religion and hafta regurgitate christ shit all day no wonder these Phd's in religion are all closet cases haha they need a big dick in their mouth after blabbing endlessly about a hot twink hippy from 2000 years ago