Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Rev Shaun D Vs. Saanich Police Dept - Edict notice of potential lawsuit given to the police service

Professional Standards Division via email at pss@saanichpolice.ca

Professional Standards Division via email at pss@saanichpolice.ca

Yes I would like to inform the police service that I intend to file a lawsuit for extraordinary pain and suffering incurred by a suicide attempt

and the resulting injuries that almost resulted in death or loss of limbs

I was falsely accused of Sexual assault of my own family member when I was 14 years old

The officer that interviewed me conveniently left her wallet and badge out in the hopes to entrap me into stealing it 

she heard I was a dirty little thief 

where she interviewed me she told me completely different account of what had happened than my mothers account and basically threatened me and said I was lying 

these horrible accusations were brought on me two years after the fact and by a psychotic ex partner of my mother and my sisters father

he only brought these accusations to the police two years later because this fuck organized the entire lie 

under no circumstances would I molest my own sister 

I am a gay male.

I have known I was gay since I was about 8 years 

After these accusations were brought against me I was labeled a sex criminal in school and elsewhere

The resulting injuries I sustained as result of this police investigation has rendered me unable to work for my entire life

and the pain and suffering I incurred at the hands of your detectives and such has given me no other choice than to 

inform you that I plan to bring a civil lawsuit against your department for an extreme case of gross negligence and criminal conspiracy

if you cannot find the records about this investigation I suggest you look harder because you will need these for your legal defence

I have corroborating accounts from therapists from the Queen Alexandria centre for childrens health whom actually drove me to this police interview 

if this matter is not resolved to my satisfaction 

I have no other avenue than to let the courts decide when I am able 

thank you for your understanding in this matter that has been on my mind most of waking life

Shaun D