Tuesday, March 15, 2022

I know my readers are injured beyond comprehension from trauma and abuse and things like addiction and advanced forms of brain issues resulting from years of drug abuse, yes I know that the ministries readers have their own reasons for following the ministry, perhaps you really like ravers or you are looking to cut the bullshit from major faiths like all the stupid christ shit or you dont wanna shave your heads as a buddhist or grow out your hair and nose hairs and pubic hair like sikh faiths etc lol anyways I just wanted to let you know that many of my long term readers recognize the value of my word, understand this, the swamis energy extends beyond planets and beyond realities so strange shit will always happen around me, but I am trying my best with what I have to work with currently which is a minor pension while not a millionaire guru one day I might be but for now I have realistic challenges that I face like not being too employable or weird nausea or things like poverty and hunger etc, I will not try and sell you anything all my discourse is free and without membership cost to all who seek it and for life, yes I do promise my followers a life of everlasting peace for life and for all of eternity in the pure realms for the rest of time, that aside I will never try and sell you anything ever while there is a donation structure it is not needed, and to date I have only received $2 in donations in 11 years I just hope you recognize that I am not really a prosperity minister that will ask u to send me $30 for forgiveness or whatever or christs love lol just what I am trying to say is stick with me kitties there is much more matrix busting to do :)