Friday, February 25, 2022

Why dont you go find a church of get employment as a minister?

 HAHAHA that is funny !!! I already have a ministry and its right here in front of you!!!

I have a massive cathedral and I am literally pontiff of the newest faith on earth it just happens to be a .ca domain instead of a stone church

The ancient lineage of the babas wanted a new sri to lead the world through suffering and chaos and they chose me as the new incarnation of the ultimate - able to provide discourse and guidance, while the ministry went largely ignored for the first decade or so laughable as his wonderful little website- its just when there is profound suffering the world people flock to where they will receive the most support and guidance 

The ministry continues to serve HUNDREDS per DAY

This may in effect be thousands in the coming months and years as people look for advice from the ॐomniscient in all matters from interpersonal to the greater issues such as suffering and societal issues

I have never taken my role as a blogger lightly I always felt that the call to ministry was my greatest achievements in life and I always took it on as a life or death matter

truth is many readers would have killed themselves long ago without the intervention from the saint on higher knowledge that is not even looked at by more experienced chaplains for example.

Yes this is a REAL church 

YES I am an ordained minister

YES I am a legit Rev and Dr 

YES I am here to help 

stay with meh blogbuddies :)