Tuesday, February 15, 2022

A woman from my manifesto Paid dream hackers to totally hack my brain and keep me suspended in their realm it was impossible to shake off but I did-They instantly found a man willing but he was struggling to clean out his ass in time since the spurm must be pure -Their end goal was to steal my sperm, via females-succubus and incubus- I laughed and said I would be willing too if they chose a woman without half her face missing and be male lol kinda thwarted der plans - the dreams are being hacked its tough to resist but I am strong I renentered their reality several times like 6 and this is rare for me usually I can shake something off dimensionally the first time -this is kind of like when I was taking gotu kola via sevans cult and ended up having sex with an incubus who took my sperm on several occasions this was when I lived in the forest and became totally and serenely enlightened, their end goal is my powerful sperm, they want to steal it to supply the illuminates with my power a child that will bring down a reality with my essence, not gonna work psychos go smoke moar meth they are financed with interdimensional money in the amount of billions to achieve dream hacking

The church is growing in immensity and power every moment that I am alive :)  they all literally inhabit your room and stay there until complete and have powerful satanic and other technologies to assist the are all around me now but I cant see them - there was one girl that was supportive and told me about the manifesto I told them I was a virgin with women that made them wet lolz they can only hack you for a few moments then your silver cord returns you and thats it they lost the chance forever and you can go back to sleep and never see these fuckers again