Wednesday, July 10, 2024

my fondest memory of being at my moms for a few years after my breakup was accidentally doing a grocery order for I think over $100,000 the lady called and was very nice about it all she just wanted to 'double check' cause she said she has never even heard of anybody ordering that large of an order before honestly it was pretty funny I kept screenshots its basically like if I won the lottery instead of sending cash I would just send all this food to bling out the really vulnerable at a few food banks with luxe stuff other than mr noodles and kraft dinner like oils vinegars and spices etc someone I talked to about this said that a foodbank probably would not have the capacity to house all this like it would need a stadium or something hahahaha just fun anyways it was a fun thing to do like to actually do a list for it all and really fun to imagine people getting these items in their hamper I mean most if not all "rich" people have a duty to do this in society but 99% DO NOT and they just get us hooked on their creepy hardcore drugs that like literally eat our flesh off like what the fuck are you here for ? just to be rich ? like not actually aiding humanity it any way? lmao