Friday, June 14, 2024

idiots.... hell is not a place like burning pits- well it kind of is....but imagine that it is independent of a really weird realm and actually independent and individual through each persons eyes and bodies this is why you see someone rolling down the roadway in a stretch limousine passing by people shooting up in their toes - hell is living in a world where nobody truly loves or cares about you- a room full of people with Narcissistic personality disorders -a whole cast of characters plotting against you - a whole world against you yet you triumph because you know you are better than all that and just do your work and try and give to a world that is in so much pain....I know I trust my own creativity and in that I find heaven through the waking apocalypse -the nasty looks....the hateful glares -the yelling- the sirens and the weirdos !!! it all does not matter when you have gods given creativity and please dont judge me differently just because I am under the jurisdiction of a much more evolved god than yours actually just go fuck yourself you fucking fuck lol its just some peoples dogs are living better lives than some really evolved old souls literally sleeping in the alleyway and where is the help for them? nobody fucking cares unless you buy shit endlessly for this place - invest ! invest ! you actually wont starve to death and become a lunatic you will be the chosen one, I swear people that can literally eat out these days are fucking loaded beyond belief why waste all that money feeding ur non fat belly then shitting it all out ? I mean why not divert some of that cash to actually enhancing your creativity or something the elites are all living lives you never even knew existed - wealth is a cult - wealth is a sex cult - wealth is a secret society - wealth and resources cum at a price.

many of us are just a simple woodbug not really knowing what is up just trying to stay alive
some of us are in supermax for writing a threatening letter to skull and bones member georgy porgy 20 fucking years? this place harvests life energy via the snuff film prison porn and masonic police services and for off world profit prisons systems.