Thursday, June 06, 2024

I know I contradict myself a lot and embellish a bit :) but really came to a wealth epiphany with my lottery budget - a few posts back I was just going to flat rate all loved ones $100k and spend the rest on me -with greediness I would have 100k a month after taxes at my disposal for 25 years but its like madness lmao like where does it even begin and end....I have to realize that this is not the last amount i will ever come into I have to spread it around a bit and take a few people with me, not everyone but those that are in my loved ones so I decided to be overtly generous instead of a cheapskate :) so many rich people just flaunt it and never help people I honestly know of at least half my loved ones could never ever manifest the amount I am going to give them in 10 lifetimes, for me I will get more joy out of lifting others up than flying around in private jets being all egotistical and shit :L

EVERYONE is totally delusional about at least ONE thing !
Let mine be about money and resources (success) :::)