Tuesday, June 04, 2024

gonna start featuring a lot of black men in my cutouts (new style) in my stencil style you could not really ascertain race hahaha they were just stencils but when you show a bit of skin you tend to want to break down the boundaries of art and masculinity -I find black mens (gods) features to be incredible in the face- deep jawbones- casting cheek bones - incredible eyes and a gaze-beautiful foreheads- full lips...I just find them to be alluring subjects art wise because the art world generally ignores males let alone beautiful black men people wonder why I don't do many native men, I find i cannot source enough graphics to do this...sadly as I find a lot of indigenous men to be incredible looking as well honestly I can't just do crazy lil whities all the time like most gay bloggers....how boring ! I find race is underrepresented in porn and art I have the odd image in like russian greek slavic latino arabian south american uk and like thai and various other asian sub genres :) I guess I have a sharp eye for this stuff its fun when you work with men all day lolz