Monday, June 10, 2024

don't you all get sick of "eating" like I am a bigger guy and fucken hate it I would be so set just eating like once a week if I could but literally food is a giant pyramid scheme in here to ensnare your money or this whole matrix would collapse in totality you would think i would love eating and stuff its just I have only had a super super meal like every six months but lately I just eat a lot of the same things out of necessity and boredom....I just could not imagine myself spending fucking every dollar I make trying to appease my sen5es with richie rich food= (chemical inducing DRUG) like dont get me wrong I love food its just we are so programmed by our own fears to like eat or we really suffer not really the realm of the middle ground or even a heavenly place but one of HELL where you must pay pedos to nourish yourself or starve and die