Friday, June 14, 2024

a lot of u in my life just dont understand...ur messing with a suicide survivor so it makes you look 10x more psychopathic and destructive - people that have to work 9-5 just dont get the process behind me being a pensioner and think I just weazled my way into a life long supplemental income - they do not put people on it lightly in the financial apocalypse it takes an act of parliament and also I had to go to psych wards 5/6 times for over 3 months and went nude everywhere (when I was a bit thinner lol) I thought the psych ward nurses were in a huge united nations human meat eating conspiracy and they were trying to take all the air out of the cells to cut my leg off and ingest it - u do not know how terrifying this can be like you were supposed to be trafficked to the pig farm but ended up there in the psych ward lol I really thought they were leaving panties and bra's from prostitutes of the pig farmer all over vancouver to lead me from panties to panties and eventually be snuffed out and I was getting a lot of messages in newsprint from cannibals at the time...lower mk'd chavs charted with demeaning me have no real clue about what they are up against sorry its just I am not well off but I give all my time to my art and blogging mostly these days and have a lot of time on my hands to meditate to techno a real success story basically financed to be an artist which is unheard of through history

I felt after I had unprotected sex with some super elites I was basically downloaded cannibal lvl 3056 freemason godsperm mode lolz everyone is hungry for my sperm and will kill to get it fuck em I am asexual so no chances there sorry ! nobody will ever be able to equal my power...the gurus energy extends beyond normal reality and beyond our comprehension and known solar systems.