Wednesday, May 01, 2024

Yes they know who I .... I was committing bank fraud at around age 10 before I could be charged...and a host of other shit -they couldnt deal with me legally so they sent in the black magic sex masons to entrap me into their cult they always knew I was a very powerful two spirit but honestly its the "people" you meet that have a real problem with you....they will work to destroy you based on the fact that they think you deserve some punishment -this is because they have not worked on themselves nor do they care they just go around trying to ruin other people all day honestly I have lived a just ethical life for the last half of my life and I am proud, proud that I can leave the country on a cruise if invited and proud that I passed an advanced police check to get my job, proud that I am going to make my name famous and not infamous and proud that my mother just looks at me and wonders and just smiles :)