Tuesday, May 21, 2024

u literally have 15 years to freely have sex with anybody you want because you are young and beautiful .....the rest of your life is basically trying ur best to become loaded so you can have a muscular 22 year old houseboy in the penthouse -rarely is this achieved so people do not do anything its sad I saw a lot of the life I wanted in the rich and a lot that I did not want - when it comes to me I am confident that I will keep my loved ones on their toes and handle it all pretty well like will still wear mostly chav clothes but I will get versace or moschino SHOES I wont like parade my ass around town in bright yellow and red coats or anything and I don't think I would travel much outside of Canada would never go to a dinner where I actually have to dress up -just order in and smoke some herb and tip the driver nicely hahaha

What is he doing to his crotch and why is he being so mean to that pug?