Thursday, May 02, 2024

There are a lot of souls that are born with the protester archetype ! sadly a lot of these people will just follow a few select marshals in a protest and never actually lead anything -this archetype HATES authority and the police and follows trends like lightwork etc I was not born with this archetype I just would not do anything to really challenge things illegally - intellectually maybe but it just astounds me how many people are totally willing to gain themselves a life long criminal record for all this its like nuts but the right to protest here is enshrined in our laws just not my cup of tea I need sleep - a shower and a bathroom lol I do support a lot of these people but not directly I think a lot of their demands are completely reasonable up against the goon squads of authority but I can see the other side of it to kind of quell the insanity before it gets out of hand and we have a full blown civil war lol