Thursday, May 09, 2024

the reason I probably will never go on a 100 day or so world cruise is I am literally married to marijuana these days could not fucken stand being on a ship full of drunks all day - just fucking mind numbing how they get you hooked on that shit everywhere its an intergenerational thing like in 10 years there will be herb worldwide hopefully who knows it just maybe gonna travel around canada when I get loaded and hit up vancouver banff edmonton calgary toronto skip montreal hate french lol but like I dont want to travel around the world and become an alcoholic would rather see my own country extensively and do shrooms and E and herb in my room while ordering copious amounts of room service lmao fucking another thing is these cruises make you pay double if you are cruising alone and treat you like you are going to blow up the ship if you sit alone at dinner, um no thanks freaks adios I dont really like to travel much will do for my art tho in short spurts and go around canada for month long trips yes drugs are important to me