Sunday, May 26, 2024

Oh !!!! ur work never praises your good deeds and only talks to you when there is a problem hahaha welcome to being an adult where 100% of life working in this dystopia is cruel and lonely lmao if you have a job that helps you whine like a baby good for you lol I wish I had that :P I just do my job and go home not much to it not gonna like have a janitorial emergency so its all workable into life, I swear the ones that DO have a job right now have MADE it !! we are in a massive apocalypse possibly for decades and like you envision people screaming in the streets and stuff but no they keep their mouth shut and go from point a to b and probably dont want to be arrested again so they stay out of the employed peoples hair !!! people hide it with like yellow coats and stuff but its like wow how do you all even wake each day knowing the state of the world its like mind numbing hahaha