Wednesday, May 08, 2024

Never got this whole gay/str8 dynamic I am kind of in both worlds most of the people I know are str8 or so and I feel a need to belong to the gay world but also feel really fractured there since I am ace its just like wow I just have never got this whole str8 hating mentality in the gay world even in popular gay culture = str8s either hate you to your face or behind your back um hell no this is why we are so marginalized into our own gay cliques you believe that all straights hate you - honestly I have no issues with the more traditional family dynamic if you want to breed your dick endlessly all the power to you but please teach the family you have like morals and kindness and love I know it is not an easy life to be in a family with a job and a mortgage etc I think a straight guy would go nuts in my lil two spirit advanced quantification life so if you dont have a problem with me I dont have a problem with you its just not my cup of tea to be in a proper family situation I kind of see the cat I feed at my door like my daughter and this is okay lol daughter from a distance hahaha