Wednesday, May 29, 2024

My purpose in life is to create as much art as I can in my styles, to be a spiritual leader, to serve others including animals, to learn about my humanity more deeply, to be an author of the greatest novel on earth and to help younger gay men have an affirming view of their you know why you are here? don't get me wrong when my time is up - its up! i am not gonna struggle thru chemo or have it a long drawn out process honestly I don't see myself being beaten up in an old folks home babbling to myself -I will probably take the assisted death in my country at the first sign of trouble, I will take it as being shown the door much of this world is about extending your life here etc eating right and living in internal prisons of addictions no thx I mean so many people want to stay till 95 yrs old if they still get a boner lmao