Wednesday, May 01, 2024

Its ok to be a kind of quagmire.... people may think I am so far left I am unretrievable hahaha its just I am not left or right or gay or straight or liberal or conservative etc its ok to be a monarchist and an anarchist of sorts or a sexual asexual its these secrets of the soul that you should just embrace - I just think that with all that is going on please do not get swept up in hysteria and do things that would challenge your ability to feed yourself leave your country at will or make an income, this system has given me so much and while I may appear in my rhetoric that I am next to burn down freemason temples its farthest from the truth you must find ways to work with the system around you not collapse it you must have faith that there are good police and good masons and shriners and just have a real peace with life and give back creatively with your time etc I get a healthy pension so I am okay it would not make sense for me to protest the government that keep me fed...or get a warrant out for my arrest or stalk known freemasons hahaha its just I have found creative ways to give back and also fight the system through art and advocacy so I remain a success story.