Monday, April 08, 2024

You see, they know who those we call 'gay' really are beyond physical form. So called gays vibrate a highly powerful level of energy that gives them very unique accessibility and influence on the spiritual planes that most people just don't have. The indigenous and natives understood them and their abilities very well. Native Americans call them 2 spirit and the Dogon and Dagara people call them gatekeepers. The elites and establishment is accepting them but not because they love or respect them. They are using their unique vibration and magick against us because they could never do what they've done to us without the help of other talented people! But unlike most straights who sold us out to gain favor in this system, we aggressively pushed our gatekeepers out of the black and native -ancient family/soulgroup. Most of us just refuse to understand and respect them so that they may work on our behalf. The irony is that our negative view of so called gays were indoctrinated into us by occultist white supremacists and their Gods and organized religions! Could the hatred that we have been taught to have towards gays have been apart of the elites agenda all along, so that they will get direct access to our gatekeepers in their vulnerable state? So that after they are rejected and ostracized by us, they can gain their favor by offering them protection and a false sense of acceptance? Who knows? What I do know is that now that (gate keepers) are getting so much power and influence, society wants to talk shit and vilify them more than ever but fail to see that we pushed our greatest spiritual allies right into enemy territory. Sad that nobody seemz to know who they are and their real powers as a whole...just fragmented..