Monday, April 01, 2024

The "Titanic Cat" who foresaw the sinking and retrieved her babies before the ship sailed. Jenny the cat was the Titanic's mascot, brought on board to help fight rodents. She lived in the ship's galley and was cared for by a laborer named Jim Mulholland. During the sea trials, Jenny gave birth to kittens and Jim found them a comfortable place next to the ship's galley. Caring for the mother cat and her kittens broke up the monotony of Jim's work preparing the Titanic for sailing. Jenny seemed content with her warm place near the boilers, her babies, and the kitchen scraps that Jim brought her. However, as soon as the ship docked in Southampton, England, just before it began its maiden voyage (to New York), Jenny took a good look at her surroundings and quickly began grabbing her kittens by the necks and carrying them out. One by one, down the gangway she led them out of the ship. Jim watched her carefully and realized that "this cat must know something that no one else does!". He then quickly gathered his few belongings and left the ship as well. Years later, Irish Road published Jenny's story after a journalist spoke to a very old man - Jim, who told the story. He survived thanks to the cat and her kittens who warned him.