Wednesday, April 03, 2024

it is pretty bizarre that like only one copy of zenophobic has been sold on amazon and google play since 2014 even though its going to be the greatest novel of modern times including having the option of being read by a hot twink jock boy on google play for $55 this girl has fucken gotta eat boyz let the money pour in lmao its all controlled like they actually want me to believe all 10 blogs are being clicked on average 4-16 x per day when in fact its more like 12,000 per day but I do see a lot of traffic on church and neu world order I am just so busy I check the traffic counts like every 4 months just once to see randomly what is going on but I can hardly put faith in what they are telling me about my talent its fucken brutal lol there will be a time when I sell about 400,000,000 or more copies I mean at $55 a pop that is quite something but I think the hosts get at least 65% so that is why it is so high since I dont have distribution and dont have to print thousands of copies I mean its almost better to just pay to have it all done instead of getting ur grubby lil paws dirty hahaha fuck literary agents fuck JK rowlings agency fuck publishers fuck big box book stores fuck hollywood hahaha the only one that owns the copyright to all three books is little ol me, you had your chance losers