Thursday, April 04, 2024

if I had loads and loadz of money I would probably eat healthier like super tasty vegetarian mixed food like 6 days of week then a steak chicken or salmon one day per week probably 3x lol I would be able to afford things like wheatgrass fresh pressed juices and nutmilks etc just so focused on survival these days kind of need the complex proteins of animals but I recognize that I should aim to be kinder to the lil critters always I mean they have a tough enough life just WOULD not have a steak lunch every single day or farmers breaky would get fucken huge lmao

Some veggie shit can actually be quite good hahaha
even found eye really really loved a particular vegan cheese 
I was floored but its a good start :) its all we can do hehehe
I just would not be a food flake and preachy about it all eat whatever the fuck you want 
-humans if that is your thing just your own shit to deal with not mine hehe
             I do really like cashew hemp almond vanilla milks etc but incredibly expensive for two cups :)      would rather just drink a glass of water and save $16 bucks lol