Monday, April 08, 2024

I don't have a problem with trans and non binary I don't know what its like I mean I like my maleness I can kind of relate being a non sexual but what I have a problem with is obviously deranged people attaching to the title because its trendy I mean an obvious female or male or someone not even interested in gender affirming surgery I mean that is kinda bizarre I mean you dont really know if you have a penis or vagina I mean it seems to be something "cool" to call oneself they if you are kind of androgenous but I mean put a little effort into it all man lol there is even nullos that get their genitalia shaved off and just have a hole to go to the bathroom so not really anything I mean I guess you could say its about 1/10th of a woman of sorts I dunno I just feel there is a lot of madness and freemason psychiatrists are feeding off this shit and sending people down a 20 year path of delusions there was NO gender affirming surgeries available around 30-40 years ago and plastic surgery and face lifts etc were only really common with the galactic empire of the USA's inception so what did people do in 1967 that had to deal with all this shit ? I dunno but I feel we cant talk about it without being labeled or whatever given the climate of LGBTQA rights in a way the world will never accept a non sexual always like suspicious lol but in my days in 80's 90's we (gays) were like how trans are being treated now its too fucken complex but I really want to protect people that are going through this shit and have no spiritual leadership to aid their suffering

I've seen ONE trans porn video that was enough lol