Monday, April 08, 2024

Again I reiterate plz don't connect me to anymore freemasons like current in the moment ones they are creepy and I do not get along with these types same with hippies ick ! sorry no.

Ready for battle its ww3 EVERY SINGLE WEEK ON TWITTER 
hahaha did you stock up on 450 cans of peaches for the coming apocalypse?
parrotlets have taken over !@
they are the supreme leadership on earth 
all hail the tekno parrotlet
ur new madame vice president in waiting of the world 
un secretary of hacking 
general fund management
mgmt consulting
crisis counseller
swami priest
LGBT mushroom 420 minister of the faith 
she is the new bishop and she is militant hahaha 
she is basically the governor of communications for the embassy 
so I would really not mess with her
getting through her is like the iron club of my 12 block radius metropolitan couture city or several designated their own principalities guarded by swiss guard you will need a passport to enter and take part no fee that is okay you will have enough to buy its all in S:L lmao
So the furry embassy may be reached for paying a fee of $12 cents USD
its ok don't cry I know she is tough
The government and kingdom will purchase a parrot sized helmet for 
the trans and non binary chilled out admiral who loves wigs :)