Wednesday, March 13, 2024

If you all only knew about the depth of the actual freemason conspiracy here -they have billions of reality television shows running at all times for off world entertainment some people are WAY more interesting than others !!! and therefore have higher budgets and more prominent supporting roles and scenarios but the actual theory behind it is the more sexual the more beautiful the more horrific the more sadistic the more pornographic it is etc the better that show sells they watch you play with yourself they watch you go to the bathroom they have every single though translated in real time and these freemason sellouts can access anyone at anytime anywhere if people only knew that they get off on watching you go to the bathroom and laugh at you or they watch somebody murder someone and eat them etc these freemasons nice folks it interdimensional people and nobody has ever been a guru of anti masonry until now nobody could ever be the codify to their secret sex cult secrets