Friday, March 08, 2024

I recognize that people need sex in a time like this :) yes its ironic I am a pornducer and asexual I know try quantifying me for one single day lmao thankfully all my sites subscribe to the google identity service so I am not endlessly perving to youth or teens but that aside we act in porn etc like teens dont have a sexuality when in fact they are very curious of making a life for themself and they need to explore their sexuality I think the internet has been wonderful since its inception but now there is a war on freedom of porn and freedom of nudity it wont be easy to access this stuff in the coming years but being a pornducer has opened my eyes about freedom and expression massively its kind of like if I was born 20 years before 1982 I would have a porno magazine for sure but all these pornographers would have just been bloggers these days hahaha honestly these fuckheads trying to limit the internet are fucken nerds and they make it sound like its five or six year olds looking at hardcore BDSM no mostly its the shy curious 17 year old that deletes his browsing history after every sesh its just funny how they can spin it on us like oh you dont support this bill you must be a pedo like fuck off !!!