Saturday, March 30, 2024

Do not worry like if you are not "driven" in life to do anything.... you are just here to exist and probably better off by not having the world in your hands but honestly everyone has a core genius and a life purpose here and its unique to every one but no one can show you that morsel you have to figure it out on your own like because you dont have 12 blogs and just sit in your room with your cat does not make u worse off than someone flying to monaco on a private jet :) with fine clothing and cheeses I have to admit one of the best things I did for myself was getting an additional income source and while a few hundred dollars extra a month may not seem like I am in a rolls royce it does help to branch out a bit and life is easier with a bit of extra money like nobody really goes from welfare to pop culture icon hahaha there is a process and money does make things easier and it comes in things that are other than actual fiat like in the form of a working reference or free dinner one night just to make things easier on your wallet it is all around us at all times