Thursday, February 08, 2024

If you attain any wealth before the new world order hits remember in roman times or even the 1900's were like times of complete apocalypse and survival do not heavily invest in fiats of all sorts funds annuities I mean minimum budgeting I am talking here on these but put most of your attention to fortifying your home in times of unrest and catastrophe and building a cache of much needed supplies that will barter for 1000x the value in a crazy time, stock up on 25 year food 100x1G of gold and things like nailclippers hash glowstix and things like lighters if there is chaos and you have millions of dollars you should have half your wealth on hand to pay security services to guard you and consider investing in a panic space or armoured motorhome or vehicle I am not joking here dont have all your wealth tied up in fictitious realities and YES they WILL seize bank accounts and safety deposit boxes so invest in 4000 lb safes and protection in the form of copious amounts of smaller bars of gold worth 10k each or so you will outlive an emperor how are you going to pay a few 400 lb viceroys with your accts frozen ? how will you eat with all stores closed under the imperial dark ages of charles and trump fucking think out of the box here these people want you dead so fucken outlive them!! the ancients literally would carry around tonnes of gold through the endtimes it will ensure your survival honestly your RBC debit card wont really do much lolz

Stop thinking like a wage slave pleb and step into the elites boy caesar realm lmao 
you must acquire enough gold to command an army or you will be in the camps with everyone else !