Tuesday, February 27, 2024

I know a lot of you have fears that society will collapse and hollywood does not help this or our dreams, they like to play on this fear so much that people are preparing to go at it for years on their own in societal collapse ! evil psychologists are preying on this too in hollywood but rest assured your society will not collapse your creator would never do this to you, you are here with the wealth of society around you for a reason honestly in history most of it did not happen as you were led to believe simply because minor health difficulties or eyesight or whatever would have been the end of you...even getting a minor friction rash in "roman times" would have turned out pretty brutal untreated its just were all here to learn about present time, and there is countless places you could have resided like I live in Canada and a lot of the conspiracy community is prepping for the apocalypse down in the USA building supposed shelters sorry but most of you would not last one week lol please don't go too nuts for the prepper shit maybe prepare for a week or two earthquake but you dont need to stock 365 days worth of peaches in jars lol there is someone caring and loving you guiding you through this place and when its all finished there will be a warm embrace and a welcome into the peace matrix where you do not have to pay rent or pay to eat or whatever so please be sensible and prepare for a bright and amazing future -stay on ur meds and dont cut yourself & cut down on the coke and relax :)