Thursday, February 22, 2024

I go through extreme mood swings with my theoretical lottery budget lol like some days I am gonna give everyone I love just 99k if I won and other days after a little hash and compassion its annuities and condos and set them free its crazy how much baggage and hostility we hold in our hearts now I am of the decision that if I won I would take about 10 of my loved ones with me and give them financial liberation I feel a duty a lot of people I know could never manifest this amount in 10 lifetimes I feel the need to help others if I can and god willing bestows great authority over my finances I trust that when it does happen I will decide a fair and just outcome I wouldnt be cheap as I am very generous I would rather help 10 people than hoard it all in rentals lol

Get to the point where you wont need a financial advisor 
and if you dont take other people with you you will never be given massive resources !!!
we are all delusional about something so let yours be about full liberation financial spiritual and full !
dont be another sexhead the world is already pervy enough 
let your delusion be about power wealth and setting urself free not just chasing a 20 second burst of pleasure your whole life lol believe me when you have a lot of finances and holdings the boy and gurl bitches will be lining up to be ur effing slave lmao