Wednesday, February 07, 2024

Honestly a potential mate sexually etc is looking for someone with their life together otherwise you just find another loser they want someone employed, that can budget, that has everything working for them, has a good credit score usually an auto, can balance a chequebook, can provide etc they don't care how talented you are in your own world....they are looking for someone that could potentially support a family see one of my greatest achievements was gaining employment and it allows me to live outside of what my disability pension pays, unfortunately a lot of people younger than me are just chasing the bitches and not their riches truth is if you make the decision to go at it alone and without a mate and be independent someone may fall into place later when you can effing afford them hahaha why would you take on a partner when you cant even support a cat or dog? honestly at least show that you are trying to make it to this person and you will only attract the highest most evolved soul you are ten steps ahead if you work at mcdonalds or as a dishwasher which both require you to be highly skilled btw :) everyone I mean EVERYONE is Searching for a rich person to be their mate which not only opens them up to untold amounts of abuse but rich people do not date or form serious relationships with people outside their cult for example with plebs sorry to say but you will not marry into wealth as you are lead to believe you will only find that person when all your whole life is in order so start today