Monday, January 29, 2024

and bam we are launching slowly into ww3- think of it - biden and porn/coke/14 inch dick scandal ELECTION YEAR going out wif a bang - if everything continues on as normal TRUMP will assume the presidency and enact a martial law not only in the USA but all over the world with the help of freemasonic royal families he will declare himself and heirs dictators for life u will need a social credit score to go out into public and a brain chip to buy will need state permission to travel or even walk out of your house the entire world will be placed under house arrest via king charles and his chameleon whom both murdered the true queen of EARTH for their own benefit its not just peoples lives that are at stake its like the souls of human beings and to be actually trapped in this prison for all of eternity and all of waking known reality and known time....fucken wake up people these satanist fucks think they own you for the rest of known time and it will get 1000% more evil disgusting and satanic not even remotely anything we are used to. they think because they murder countless people a day and eat them and drink their blood and eat their fat and rape 2 month olds like they think that they are smarter and more adept than you because of this gross fucking shit- FUCK them FUCK this satanic new world order they dont own you or US fuck em all let em rot here with their "money" forever and for all of time.,...its time to usher in the peace matrix for all of known time and eternity.