Wednesday, December 27, 2023

YES they can read thoughts in this virtual world, and actively monitor interesting people for off world entertainment -I love how if you talk about this shit you are branded lunatic schizo or paranoid and then they just refuse you help with those labels and actively work against you if you are anomalous - I feel sorry for people that think stupidly or impurely because the 666 super computer feeds on that shit like minor attraction, filth and disgust and fetish and weird trails of violence, if you think purely you are okay and invited into more serene realms later on....and are under a different jurisdiction spiritually if you have things like crucifixes and buddhas in your domicile this system will reward filth with more filth its fucken sick and twisted and god is very very far away

JESUS WAS AN ANTI FREEMASON this is the biggest secret in the world. He was their chosen demolay prince probably notably made into a freemason at some point who really knows but they will fight tooth and nail for every single soul and execute harshly those that resist