Friday, December 29, 2023

OH? you want to hurt or kill me? hahaha take a number bitch you are behind millions of freemasons in the lineup of life you will be waiting awhile - I carry dog mace and metal punch so try and fuck with me...also pretty much everywhere I go is under satellite surveillance and I am filmed 24/7 365 for offworld entertainment -this was the gift of protection given to a pope of a far off raver galaxy billions of years in the future-Ty for being apart of the most watched inter reality show in the galaxy guru z3n8s channel being filmed 24/7 365 for offworld entertainment! don't believe me? because its not happening to you? well funny you should mention that because you are BORING they have not classified you as an advanced indigo elder/elitist as of yet and you are not deemed interesting enough for your own freemason dark web Mk ultra reality show