Sunday, December 10, 2023

Most chavs are offered their one chance to escape the poverty trap but politely decline they somehow know what exactly is involved with selling out into a male only sex cult they are not stupid then regret that decision for the rest of their lives but honestly u did yourself a favor by renouncing all that is disgusting and evil and saying hell no thanks ! honestly if you can believe it -my greatest financial backing will come from very elite freemasons that want a way out but cannot because they know they cant escape, I however did not undertake the vows of freemasonic holocaustic witchcraft so I can be one of the only ones with enough balls to say this whole fucking thing stops at one soul, you may think to yourself guru z3n8 deserves to live in poverty for all he did to people but that is a pretty ignorant and unskilled way to criticize someone you know very little about -it seems my fight is with judgemental calculating and unintelligent people with zero talent whom are extremely obsessed with my creative ability