Saturday, December 30, 2023

Meh drug life is exciting and not so exciting lol did mdma last night first time since I was 16 while it allowed me to have a full reset mentally and was quite wonderful I am on the fence about harder drugs I mean its nice to have access to them in my progressively liberal country but I am 41 so those things dont really interest me anymore too into the herb and smoking 81 joints a day hahaha less sketchy I know I am totally not into acid, mushrooms maybe mdma maybe once and awhile coke not really anything there and would never touch meth again and never really knowingly took heroin but I am sure the E was cut with it tho-I just get off more having 400G's of damn fine shake on hand makes me feel whole and creative :) its funny I guess its just nice to experiment with a viable non sketchy option in Canada what a great place despite being in a hell dimension...canada is far more richer than you are lead to believe we have around 28 M citizens and our wealth is so vast for each citizen but they dont tell people that on welfare they make sure to let you know you are daddies little ditchpig lol