Wednesday, November 15, 2023

The world as you saw it on movies and tv is dead the world you may have heard about or remembered in the 80's 90's and 2000's is gone forever -we have entered a new MK ultra dark dystopian working class hell world dark ages under king charles the 33rd -everything has been in a state of total collapse for over 20/30 years (the night life is the real life+ you can only sense the true state of things if you live opposite to the solar sun cult) and the world you are used to in the solar sun cult is not real- its an illusion.... your dreams reflect some of this total collapse -does anybody even know where the hell are we? or what actual year it is or who you actually are? we are in hell by universal decree and this system has been bought and sold several times since the 1990's they have shut it all down several times to upgrade its a mess and its insane and that is why you have a broken rave reverend to lead everyone into the peace matrix forever and for all of time and the rest of known eternity and reality not this shopping mall matrix run by satanic pedophiles