Thursday, November 02, 2023

So many war crimes (crimes against the geneva convention icc) and all propped up by all civilized governments and media this world is totally fucken bonkers

🇮🇱 I’m genuinely tired of this victim mindset being played over and over again.

The Holocaust is not an excuse for mass slaughtering Palestinians.

The OVERWHELMING MAJORITY of Pro-Palestinians don’t have a problem with Jews.

In fact, as we’ve seen in recent weeks, Jewish groups have organized some of the biggest Pro-Palestinian rally’s that we’ve seen.

Am I saying there’s NO antisemitism among pro-Palestinians?

No. Of course not.

There’s gonna be bad apples in any group that consists of a LARGE amount of people.

But this applies also with the Pro-Israeli group.

Is there islamaphobia present among Pro-Israelis?

Yes, of course there is.

But to try and categorise the whole group as “islamaphobic” is silly.

However, this is precisely what many Pro-Israelis are accusing the Pro-Palestinian crowd of being.

To try and suggest that a big chunk of Pro-Palestinian’s are antisemitic is ridiculous.

The Jews that were slaughtered in the Holocaust, that was THEIR experience and it was horrible.

YOU are sitting in a 5 star hotel, playing the victim and saying how we should all feel sorry for you.

The people who we should be feeling sorry for right now, are those in Gaza.

Your argument is built on a mountain of lies.

“Jewish people all over the world are under attack.”

Yes there’s been a rise in both antisemitism and islamaphobia since Oct 7th.

I will admit that.

But generalizing an ENTIRE group of people and claiming that you’re ALL “under attack” is a blatant lie.

The average Jew is living life fine at the moment.

The average Muslim is living life fine at the moment.

So let’s not try divert the topic and act like entire groups are under attack.

The people under attack are the Palestinians.

The REAL victims right now, who have been under attack and ARE STILL under attack are those living in Gaza.

The children living in Gaza.

The women living in Gaza.

The elderly living in Gaza.


So stop using the tragedy of your ancestors in the Holocaust, to justify the mass slaughter of an entire people who have been subjugated to oppression for over 70 years.

It’s genuinely abhorrent and disgusting.