Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Review of elements Casino in Langford BC

 Yes I was at the casino for a treat after being sick for a month and proceeded to play slots around ---------- at which time the guest services coat check checked my coat -I played for awhile and then finished I went to claim my coat and the guest services rep told me my coat stinked and that she had to put it in a bag 

and she retrieved the coat and told me she wouldnt have taken it if she knew and POT sticks to clothing 
Actually I burn exotic incenses near that coat 
what if I was ethnic and ate lots of garlic and curry etc 
would she say the same thing ? you stink I had to put it in a bag you are gross 
this casino went downhill from my last visit and I surely will not be sharing my hard earned money with you in the future 
in fact I posted a google review of my experience so people can think twice before they spend their money there with staff that are nasty opinionated and elitist 
I do smoke marijuana in fact I am a marijuana minister and PhD and I am damn proud of it 
if you do not appreciate diverse people that smoke the herb  and share their marijuana money at your casino that is your undoing 
I can't believe I was treated this way after spending $200 there 
it taught me never to come back

typically if a company says I stink 
I am not going to frequent the establishment 
its common sense 
Shaun Delage