Wednesday, November 29, 2023

I have a feeling the new covid is going to be a respiratory herpes of sorts and they will be able to quarantine whole wal mart shoppers etc its going to hit just before xmas, if you are developing a tribe of sorts these people will surround you in the coming days, this is a gift from the most high to help and assist you through this struggle....they will be able to jail the indebted and political prisoners of sorts so thank your local freemason temple for this one...u may just be surprised to find you are swept up in a quarantine hysteria, if it is not happening on our dimension its already happening to somewhere close but distant from our reality this world is simply a better reflection and more friendly reflection that is happening in the greater universe the world will need all the people it can recruit to help break this stuff down and provide spiritual guidance I cant be the only one !!! I can't be the only one ! you will be forced at gunpoint to quarantine this time, it wont be as friendly as old covid people will still need to be helped and guided through suffering this is not the time to give up strays will still need to be fed

As you know with covid 1.0 
ALL human rights are essentially suspended in time of pandemic
They will simply announce the whole store is being will not be able to get away they will have you surrounded and will tackle you if you try and escape
Welcome to the new world order lmao
Imagine ur whole household/surroundings as an apocalyptic ship in the matrix if you have nobody you may need to seek out your tribe of sorts !!