Friday, November 24, 2023

Don't give into the death paranoia of this matrix some people live well past 90 yrs old that smoke 3 packs of ciggies a day and drink themselves like a fish -I really cannot comprehend this fascination of the world with what its human beings are eating and if they are having a set amount of physical activity per day it seems they are breeding livestock of sorts and when you fray from what is normal like get fat and live nocturnally and avoid people you are branded as a weirdo and insane and not normal -honestly when its ur time to go its your time to go - I really dont understand peoples fascination with staying in this shopping mall matrix hell for as long as possible there is much more beautiful realms after this place and you are invited to them or you get to go around another time I guess this is why people are scared but honestly when you dont have wealth and resources and a proper support system this place seems like a hell world or reality if I had a few million in the bank I may want to extend my life here but I dunno I guess I am kinda fearless and live on the edge