Wednesday, November 29, 2023

animals are not given the same decision making skills as us so dont be set back because the stray comes back for more food within 20 minutes it just means you have good food not necessarily that they are a greedy animal hahaha

Judgements aside most animals are karmically unfortunate no matter how cute or fuzzy they are but you should use discretion in how you treat these beings because most likely the individual that decided they were to become an animals judgement is somewhat flawed and elitist and potentially used as a punishment because in their human life they got too close to discovering a way out-it is a very fortunate thing to be alive right now and most of us are here as one huge experience tribe and yes the dead are watching all the time along with the major motion cameras for off world entertainment if you are deemed interesting enough please take every chance you get to nourish hungry animals from pigeons to crows to cats and doggos and every other being needs your help too why would you put a trap in a bird feeder to trap squirrels that are eating their food why feed one but not the other hahaha