Friday, October 13, 2023

Welcome to the New world order where voicing an opinion is now a hate crime? isnt it ironic that the people that were most harmed in the holocaust are the ones inflicting the most harm now and committing genocide ? all media is jewish there is a vast operation to divide and bring us all into WW3 they thought before covid the heart chakras were too open in everyone to accept this now not so much

People are losing livelihoods and freedom of speech simply for voicing an opinion people are getting cancelled left and right and the dimension is going into total chaos but this is what they wanted they thought they could divide us with the trans stuff but it went nowhere same shit they did with the anti vaxxers just fucken cancelled them all and banned and restricted their accts incl bank accts

this shit does not make any shred of sense at all and they know it we are smarter than that !

See I am not scared I was not given any sort of working life long ago and I have nothing to be afraid of honestly I am not even scared of becoming a political prisoner with meditation 

they cant cancel a guru that is the funny thing the gurus energy extends beyond all known realities 

these are FREEMASON wars but nobody will point the fingers at them cause nobody can figure it all out ?