Saturday, October 28, 2023

Sure were all anti semetic when the fuckers chop off half of western mens dicks at birth due to religious shit that we cant control there was once a class action to assist with the trauma of circumcision in the 2000's but it was so widely accepted that the lawsuit was dismissed

They even literally suck the blood out of babies organs wtf is that all about but ya trying not to hate a genocidal racist fascist regime that is propped up by psychological operations everywhere advanced sound weapons depleted uranium and white phosphorus and ground assault against a few arabians with sticks and lead pipes without lights or power- sure that is pretty fair lmao were all gonna be hauled into camps for our own safety security and protection.
Believe me they try on a daily basis to cancel this rave reverend and all attempts to halt my internet advocacy has been halted by the universal oversight see some of us are far more valuable than all the citizens combined....